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Showing and Sharing the Greatness of Jesus Christ Through Education

New Castle Christian Academy is an independent, inter-denominational, evangelical Christian school that seeks to glorify God by teaching our students about the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

God is the creator of all, and He created all of humanity in his image, as told in the Bible.  But humanity rebelled against God: we don't want God's authority over us.  Because of our rebellion, our relationship with God is severed; instead of a loving relationship with our creator, we, as rebels, face his wrath.  The consequences of our rebellion have resulted in the brokenness of this world, death and eternal separation from God.  No matter how we try, we can't make things right.

Our rebellion must be punished because God is a just God.  But God is also merciful and forgiving.  How can he be one without violating the other?

God had a plan…

God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to be born a man, to live the perfectly obedient life we should have led and to bear the punishment that we deserve for our rebellion.  God chose to carry out his justice on Jesus, by having him crucified on a cross.  Jesus died for our sin; he was buried and rose again 3 days later.  He ascended to Heaven and will one day come back to take those who trust in his saving work to be with him forever.

We are saved from God's judgment and wrath not by doing good works to merit God's approval, but by repenting of our rebellion and trusting in the work Jesus accomplished on the cross on our behalf.  

This is what we believe, this is what we teach, and this is why we teach.

To read NCCA's complete articles of faith, click on the link below: