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A Firm Foundation

Builders know the importance of a solid foundation whether you are building a house or a skyscraper.  

The same is true for the elementary years of your child's schooling.  When children have well established foundations in reading, writing, and mathematics, and when they have a firm understanding of being created in the image of God and having meaning and purpose in God, then a child's learning will flourish.New Castle Christian Academy's elementary school provides that firm foundation.

The foundation is laid with a phonemic approach to reading.  We use the ABeka Christian school curriculum and the Heggerty phonemic awareness program to develop our students' reading skills. Together, they provide a proven pathway to reading success for both proficient and struggling readers.

Teachers in First and Second grade also use the ABeka Christian school curriculum for writing, history, handwriting, and science.  In Third grade, our students transition to the Bob Jones Christian school curriculum for core academic subjects, which is a great choice for differentiating instruction and offering a variety of creative supplemental activities.  Fourth grade students continue using the BJU curriculum and also study Pennsylvania state history.

For students needing an additional challenge and for those needing remediation or reinforcement, teachers make use of over 100 Chromebooks available for student use.  Primarily, students use the Moby Max platform to enrich and reinforce reading, writing, mathematics, science and history.