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Scholarships can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Scholarships given through New Castle Christian Academy based on a family's financial need
  2. Scholarships granted through outside organizations

Outside organizations require you to apply directly to their organization.  Some organizations offer scholarships for specific situations such as:

  • Your public school is identified by the state as a “failing school”
  • You are a disabled veteran
  • You are transferring from a public school to a private school

You can find many scholarship organizations on the Web.  It will be in your best interest to research scholarship organizations for additional funding.

Scholarships granted through outside organizations can be combined with scholarships given through NCCA.

NCCA's Financial Needs Based Scholarship

New Castle Christian Academy offers scholarships based on a family's financial need. This scholarship is available to students in grades K through 8.  To apply for a scholarship, click on the link below.

You will need to fill out a questionnaire, upload the following proofs of income:

  • If you file taxes, your W2 and Federal Tax forms from the previous calendar year.
  • If you are not required to pay federal taxes, please submit your SSI statement or statement for other governmental assistance.

The scholarship application is managed by the FACTS Tuition Management company (the same company that manages our tuition payments).  They charge a $45 scholarship application fee.

Scholarships Through Outside Organizations

“Failing School Scholarship” 

This is for families who reside within the New Castle School District.  If your child is attending, or going to attend, NCCA and they are going into grades 3 - 8, you probably qualify for this scholarship.  This scholarship is offered through the Children's Scholarship Fund of PA.  Click on the link to be redirected to their website to apply.  There is a $25 application fee.


If you are transferring out of a public school into NCCA

This scholarship is given to students going into grades 2 through 8 who are transferring from a public school into a private school.  The scholarship is good for the first 2 years of attending NCCA, but you need to reapply for the second year.  The scholarship is offered through CEO America.  Click on the link to be redirected to their website to apply.


Scholarships for children of disabled veterans or first responders


Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten Scholarships