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Early Childhood Education at New Castle Christian Academy

New Castle Christian Academy offers an extensive program in early childhood education for children 3 years and older.  Our “Little Angels” Pre-Kindergarten, “High Fives!” and Kindergarten programs are tailored to start the formal education process at your child’s ability level.

At New Castle Christian Academy, we believe the key to a child’s success is to enjoy learning and to have fun at school!  We offer a safe and exciting environment where children progress at their own pace.  You will find we have dedicated teachers and classroom aides, and hands on activities that help create an atmosphere where your child can thrive.

Our Early Education programs focus on both spiritual and academic instruction.  Upon completion of the Early Education program, children will have learned to read, but more importantly, they will have developed a lifelong love for learning and an understanding that God loves them and has a purpose for them!