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The Years of Change

Partnering with you to train and teach your child through “those years.”

Let's face it: the pre-adolescent years of childhood can be difficult years for both students and parents. Students go through changes in their ability to think and reason, they change physically and they change emotionally.  Those changes necessitate a change in the approach to both teaching and parenting.

In the elementary years of education, learning focuses on the acquisition of knowledge.  Middle school focuses more on the development and application of knowledge and skills learned.  Students are challenged to think abstractly, hypothetically and critically.  This type of ability-development is not mastered in a few lessons, but is ongoing throughout the year.  

Fifth grade is the transitional year from the elementary classroom setting to the middle school classroom setting.  In elementary school, one teacher teaches all grade-level subjects.  In fifth grade, the homeroom teacher teaches four of the six grade level subjects.  This helps ease students into the middle school concept of changing classes for each subject.

Middle school students develop skills in:

  • Research
  • Taking notes from aural instruction
  • Outlining main concepts from instructional literature
  • Essay writing
  • Term paper writing
  • The scientific method or experimentation